UV Floor Coatings and Finishes

SunFinish is a UV coating provider offering top level products for vinyl tile, wood and concrete. These flooring types appear in all sorts of settings including retail stores, hospitals, warehouses and homes. The ultraviolet coatings have revolutionized the way that floors are coated by allowing the floor to be cured immediately. The downtime is drastically reduced and the floor can be fully enjoyed immediately following the UV curing process.

The reduced downtime isn’t the only benefit of UV coatings. They are stronger and more durable and need to be redone less frequently. They also have little-to-no VOCs and qualify for LEED credits in new construction. The SunFinish UV coatings are a green product so you can feel confident having them in your home. They are stain resistant, non-flammable and offer a great finish at any gloss level. They also have a better scratch resistance than traditional wood floor coatings. The SunFinish coatings rival the coatings of prefinished flooring from a factory which no other coating can promise.