St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center Received Award For Implementing UV Cured Flooring
May 13, 2014 St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ, like many hospitals and emergency facilities is faced with excessive costs due to the high level of maintenance. Traditionally floors in these facilities require daily cleaning for sanitary reasons as well as aesthetics. Caustic strippers, acrylic floor finishes and the residue created contain high levels of possible contaminants. Using a UV cured coating offers several advantages, most notably the ability to allow the facility to use the floor immediately after the finish is cured. Harmful emissions from the process are near zero with UV, and the coating is virtually impervious to Betadine®, a serious problem in healthcare environments. St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center has now had the finish in use for nearly two years years with no recoats, only cleaning.


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