Vinyl composition tile is among the cheapest flooring systems to install, but quickly becomes the most expensive to maintain over its life. Waxing, burnishing, stripping and recoating all take the floor out of service, and cost a considerable amount in labor.

Until now.

SunFinish® uVCT™ is a revolutionary new coating system designed to replace the high maintenance acrylic waxes. uVCT requires no burnishing/restoring, and will last several times longer than a wax before recoating, all while maintaining a high gloss level with nothing other than regular wet mopping.

The floor is stripped, cleaned, coated, and then cured with a high power ultraviolet light that instantaneously polymerizes the coating, resulting in a finish that is returned to service as fast as the applicator can get in and out of the facility. There’s no waiting for a waterborne finish to flash off, no need for 4, 5 or sometimes more coats to be applied to achieve the desired gloss level: Strip, coat once, cure, leave. Furthermore, uVCT reduces the generation of caustic wastewater from frequent refinishing.

Like most UV curable coatings, uVCT has chemical resistance properties superior to virtually any other coating on the market. Betadine®, grape juice, oil, even powerful solvents like xylenes, will have virtually no lasting effect on the coating even after being left on for 24 hours. A typical acrylic wax will dissolve within seconds of contact with solvents that cannot harm uVCT after days.

uVCT is a green product, containing little-to-no VOCs. As such, it qualifies for LEED credits in new construction.

Step uVCT™ Wax
Basic Cleaning Daily Daily
Burnish Never! Daily To Weekly
Strip/Scrub & Recoat Never! Monthly to semi-annually
Refinish Annually* Semi-annually to Annually

* Based on medium non-abrasive foot traffic usage and typical desired gloss levels. Coating may lost longer or shorter, depending on desired appearance and traffic.

Typical Properties uVCT™ Wax
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Very Poor
Solvent Resistance Excellent Very Poor
Stain Resistance Excellent Very Poor
Finish Coats Required 1 4-6

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