Ultraviolet coatings are everywhere these days. Magazine covers, soda cans, fingernail gel at nail salons and dental fillings all use UV rays to instantly cure and harden.

Now, this technology is available to home and business owners seeking to refinish their floors without the inconvenience of not being able to use their floors, and the lost revenue of downtime. The instant curing of the floor allows you to immediately walk on the floor and even return furniture and rugs without waiting for the floor to fully cure.

SunFinish® UV cured coatings have stain and chemical resistance virtually unparalleled by any other technology available. On VCT, business owners can rest assured that they will retain gloss significantly longer than traditional waxes, and resist staining on a level that no acrylic finish can come close to.

Another reason homeowners and businesses love UV coatings for their floors is because the coatings are green. The floors are completely cured after the job is finished, leaving no lingering offgassing or toxicity. During application the VOCs are very low.

When it comes to wood flooring there are some other benefits as well. The longer lifespan of the coating helps to increase the lifespan of the wood flooring. Also the coating is extremely clear so you can clearly see and appreciate the beauty of the grain in the wood. Also SunFinish looks great in a variety of different sheens and holds up beautifully in all the sheen levels so you can get the finish you really want on your floor without being concerned about wear.

SunFinish coatings are cured with HID Ultraviolet floor curing machines, the best equipment currently available on the market.

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